Organic Cocopeat

Growpeat specializes in manufacture and supply of 100% organic and biodegradable cocopeat that is free of pathogens and weeds. We pride ourselves in giving strong emphasize on quality that in-turn helps our customers take a complete control on the growth of their plants.

Growpeat is backed by a wealth of over 30 years of hands on experience in coconut farming which aides us in selecting finest coconut husks that is pre-washed, machine dried, sieved and made free from sand and other contaminations such as animal and plant residue. Our cocopeat is a proven alternative to traditional peat moss and rock wool. Its excellent air filled porosity and high water holding capacity makes it an ideal choice as a growing medium in agriculture, horticulture and hydroponic industries and crop specific mixes.

Benefits of considering Growpeat as your quality peat supplier
• Quality as per your stated specifications
• Customised packaging and labelling
• Volume business
• Reduced delivery lead times
• Customised EC/PH/Air Porosity/re-hydration expansion Growpeat also helps our customers in overcoming the new challenges the industry throws upon them by delivering their own innovative mixes and substrates that are tailored to suit their needs.​



Growpeat Blocks

Growpeat blocks are made from 100% organic coco peat which is a natural growing medium. Our blocks are multipurpose in usage and be used as potting mix, mushroom growing, generating seeds, horticulture etc. It is ideal for soil conditioning, improves water retention in permeable plants. The high-water absorbent property ensures the maintenance of humidity for a long time. Growpeat blocks are manufactured in a stringent process through standard operating procedures to obtain a high-quality coco peat blocks without weeds, sand and other foreign matters.


  • Weight 5 Kg +/- 0.3 Kg
  • Size 30 x 30 x 13 cm
  • Compression ratio 5:1
  • Moisture content less than 20%
  • Electrical Conductivity less than 0.5 mS/cm
  • Expanded Volume 13 to 14 Litres per Kg
  • Packing 210 to 220 blocks per pallet
  • Loadability 20 pallets / 22 MT in one 40 feet HC container

Growpeat Slabs

Growpeat slabs are manufactured by blending Coir pith with adequate quantity of short Coir fibre. Our growpeat slabs replaces the traditional peat moss growbags. This is then compressed and packed loosely in a UV stabilized Black and White Polythene bag. At the user end suitable holes are to be cut for planting as well for drainage. Growpeat slabs make a popular choice for crops such as tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumbers. The slabs are ready to use as planting containers. Our high quality growpeat slabs help your plants to develop faster and stronger roots and thus providing better yields.

Qualities of Growpeat Slabs

  • Cost effective and reliable
  • 100% organic
  • High water absorption quality
  • Easy handling
  • Re-usable
  • Healthy root growth
  • Stable PH and EC values

Coir pith Grow bag Specifications

  • Size 100 x 18 x 13 cm
  • Compression ratio 5:1
  • Moisture content less than 20%
  • Electrical Conductivity less than 0.65 mS/cm
  • Loadability 6800 Pcs in one 40 feet HC container

Made to order

We can also supply coco peat, coco fibre and coco chips in different mixtures as per customers’ requirements in form of compressed 5kg or 25kg blocks. We can meet any unique needs with different types of blend to achieve excellent drainage, aeration and water holding ability and can be either washed or unwashed and also add pre-nutrients or chelates as per customers’ requirements.

Coir Fibre

Coconut husks from the belt of Western Ghats were procured and involved in process of retting to produce fine quality of coir fibre. Growpeat with the help of its SOP and well equipped machineries produce high quality coco fibre special for export market. Our products are made from natural fibre taken from coconut husk, cleaned and compressed into bales.


  • Packing: Bale
  • Weight: 30kg/150kg/180kg
  • Dust : <5%
  • Capacity: 19-20mt per 40ft container




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  :  Mr. Raj

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 :  www.GrowPeat.com.au

 :  50 Collins Street, Enfield, South Australia 3038. Australia


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